I’m was impressed with the services. High-quality service by genuine staff only willing to help at all times.
100% Quality at Heir Hunters Australia 2
QLD, 24-01-2019
I am very pleased with your services and the outcome of my case. My case manager went above and beyond to get the job done.
5 Stars at Heir Hunters Australia 2
NSW, 03-02-2019
Did not even know we had this until we received a letter from Heir Hunters Australia letting us know.  It was such a great surprise and came at the right time.  Cant thank you enough.
Thank you Heir Hunters Australia
Ron Dingey
NSW, 23-04-2019
I have previously been told by another company that this exact money has been held, but after I supplied relevant details to this other company, nothing more was heard from them. I, therefore assumed that they could not retrieve this money. Maybe it needs a more experienced investigator? Are you that investigator? Hoping to hear the results of your work. Regards Desleigh.
"Desleigh's claim was successful with Heir Hunters Australia"
Well Done Heir Hunters Australia
VIC, 2019
Fast and efficient, excellent service, Highly Recommended
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Mr Wilson
SA, 03-05-2019