Research & Investigation

March 15, 2019

When you are looking for evidence or intelligence, there is no substitute for experienced Investigators.  Employing Heir Hunters Australia can save you countless hours of stress, significant costs and the disappointment of knowing you missed your chance to locate the truth. In Heir Hunters Australia, we use the pool of several resources to find beneficiaries. Our team of professional researchers initiates a family tree and starts the tracing of relatives. Our scope of research and investigations also encapsulate tracing and tracking down missing person(s). These missing person(s) could be defaulting debtors, who had absconded and/or family members who have lost custody of one another and need to be reunited.

Bottom Line?

Our team of investigators and trained researchers know where to look and how to gather evidence that you and they need to make the desired reunification. Therefore, choosing the team of experienced investigators who have successfully dealt with your type of matter before is a wise decision that needs to be considered and embraced.  At Heir Hunters Australia, we have brought together the very best professional team of unclaimed asset locators, investigators, genealogists and professional researchers, whom form our Executive, Boutique style company.