identifying lost assets

Peradventure somebody dies without leaving a written down valid Will, his or her blood relatives should be able to claim his or her assets. These include the spouses and civil partners of the deceased –they are entitled to claim the assets, followed by the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on. Once the close blood relatives are exhausted, the deceased’s parents can claim the entitlements, followed by siblings who share the same mother and the same father, and their children; then followed by the half brothers and sisters and their children, and then grandparents, uncles and aunts and their children half-uncles and aunts and the children of the deceased.

More so, if a supposed beneficiary is a first cousin of the deceased, he or she would only be entitled to share in the assets if there are no more relatives who are higher in the order of entitlement. If the beneficiaries’ relationship to the deceased is traced through someone who survived the deceased but has since died, he or she would need to confirm what happened to that person’s assets before the claiming of the assets or entitlements.

Furthermore, children are only entitled to share in an estate if their parent died before the deceased, in which case they take their parent’s share of the deceased’s estate. If their parent survived the deceased but has subsequently died, then whoever is dealing with their estate should be able to claim it.

If a supposed beneficiary thinks there must be a claim of assets for him or her, he or she would, therefore, be asked to present evidence that demonstrates his or her entitlements. This evidence may include full birth certificates and marriage certificates for each person between him or her and the deceased. In some cases, he or she may also be asked to supply identification documents proving his or her name and address.

Unclaimed assets in Australia are kept in a special fund which is regulated & interest applied in some circumstances, in the case of claiming such assets which are always assessed and claimed by the legitimate owners. Heir Hunters Australia is a team of experts reuniting people with unclaimed assets. We specialise in locating missing heirs in national and international estate cases/ unclaimed assets which hold significant positive assets. Therefore, we wish to aid you to recover your unclaimed assets and entitlements in Australia and even beyond.

If we have contacted you before, it is because you stand to benefit from an asset we believe you are legally entitled to. Heir Hunters Australia bears the full risk before a client receiving the inheritance/asset. Our fee is dependent upon the success of our investigations and leaves you completely risk-free. What we do here include:

  • Identification of asset owners, missing/unknown heirs.
  • Preparing all claimed documents.
  • Acquiring all documents to prove ownership, including further investigations.
  • No cost to heirs or clients unless Heir Hunters Australia recover the asset.
  • Case manager allocated to each client.
  • Obtain certified lawyers to represent heirs’ interest if required.

Our services are carried out tactfully and highly professional, complying with relevant legislative and statutory requirements. If you have received a letter from Heir Hunters Australia call us to find out how we can reunite you with what is rightfully yours.