Conduct Code & Code of Ethics

Ensuring Standards and Ethics Are Met

Heir Hunters Australia are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity.


Professional Conduct Code

Heir Hunters Australia will always:

  1. Behave with integrity and sensitivity when dealing with members of the public.
  2. Ensure charges and fee structures are clear to the client or consumer from the outset.
  3. Take special care when dealing with potentially vulnerable clients, in particular with regard to their mental capacity and properly assess whether a client has capacity, seeking 3rd party advice and/or referring to any relevant law in each jurisdiction.
  4. Ensure all logos or testimonials used on the company website or within its advertising are genuine and used only with the permission of those concerned.
  5. Ensure all beneficiaries, clients or their representatives and members of the public are always treated fairly, courteously and with respect, regardless of race, gender, colour, creed, age or sexual orientation.
  6. Present all reports in a clear and concise manner.
  7. Identify and report any other members who breach this Code.
  8. Staff must not use any information for personal gain. Where there is a conflict of interest, they must disclose this.


Code of Ethics

Heir Hunters Australia will always:

  1. Operate an environmental policy.
  2. Sponsor or donate to a registered charity/charities at least annually.
  3. Ensure staff are trained in ethical standards.
  4. Not indulge in any form of harassment or intimidation of other professionals or members of the public.
  5. NOTE: No director, partner or official of Heir Hunters Australia, past or present, has a criminal record or conviction at any time or has been declared bankrupt