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Asset Recovery, Investigators & Genealogist Experts

Heir Hunters Australia is a team of well-trained experts that specialise in identifying and finding the right people who are beneficiaries to Assets and Entitlements which basically focused on the services genealogy assistance and licensed investigations.

We have brought together a team of professionals from different areas of knowledge with a wealth of expertise who have been working in the field of genealogy, private investigations, corporate, government departments and asset entitlements for quite a number of years, holding extensive expertise and knowledge in tracing people and in-depth investigations. Our team extends beyond Australia with strong partnerships worldwide which, no doubt makes us outstanding.

It is, therefore, our duty in Heir Hunter Australia to locate all of the relevant beneficiaries and all the records that allow us to ascertain the relationship between the deceased person and those whom we believe to be their next-of-kin; that is, the legitimate beneficiaries.

In Heir Hunters Australia, we try as much as possible to be client-centred and indeed, we are constantly reviewing our services that make us to be always innovative in our mode of operation so as to be able to give our clients excellent and desirable services.

Meanwhile, Heir Hunters Australia gives clients excellent services with affordable fees; this has in real sense helped us to reach great a number of clients in Australia and beyond as our charging fees has never discouraged any of our clients away.

Our teams of genealogists, researchers and investigators have donkey’s years of experience with vast expertise and this is obvious in the way they discharge their respective duties and as a team. We approach each task given its merits, and the more miscellaneous the task is, the stronger in our confidence deepened.

It is no doubt, therefore, that in Heir Hunters Australia, we have solved several cases which had put unexpected smiles on the faces of our clients –that is our goal and that is where we derive our primary satisfaction from.

Heir Hunters Australia is not affiliated with UK Heir Hunters; we are an Australian company registered with Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Australian Business Register.

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